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Pacifier, lactation and gases

Pacifier, lactation and gases

The pacifier is one of the most debated aspects between the first days of a baby's life.
It depends on the philosophy of the professional to whom you ask will recommend one thing or another. One thing that is well established is the need to delay the introduction of the pacifier so that the lactation is correctly established. Once the baby feels good and has a good grasp, we can decide to introduce it or not.

Today we will discuss the most basic advantages and inconveniences of the pacifier's introduction.

- Protection against sudden death of the infant. The echo of carrying out a suction facilitates breathing and reduces the chances of suffering from the sudden death of the infant.
- Suction is a reassuring element. Once the baby accepts suction, it is more likely to relax and even to fall asleep. At this point, it is clear that when we talk about suction, we can talk both chest and pacifier. Both cases produce this reassuring effect (although the breast is increased due to physical contact with the mother).
- It is a tension reliever. This point goes hand in hand with the previous point. When the baby is in a situation of tension or nerves, the pacifier or suction can help reduce this tension. From our own experience, however, we have seen that when it is in full crisis, it often rejects any suction offer. So that's why we need to develop the Kusi Wawa method to help relax it to the point where it accepts said suction and finishes relaxing.

- Dental malformations. If our children use a pacifier when they are older, there is a risk of dental malformations.
- Otitis. It can favor otitis infections
- Children's accidents. If we leave the pacifier with threads or if it is not in good condition (it is broken) it can cause childhood accidents.

In Kusi Wawa we are very clear that the use of a pacifier must be used with measure. Always give priority to the breast and breastfeeding, but if necessary, it can be used very positively. What is important is to choose the pacifier that best fits the tastes and needs of your baby.

We, thanks to our collaboration with Phillips AVENT, have three pacifier options. They are all free of BPA and are INSURED, to avoid any accident.

- Chupete Soothie. This is the pacifier that they use in US hospitals. It is a one-piece silicone pacifier.
- Chupete UltraSoft. This is a soft pacifier designed for infants up to 6 months. Its teat shape is very nice and some studies in the US have shown that 98% of babies love this model.
- Chupete Ventilado. Designed with ventilation holes to improve grip and reduce allergies.

If you would like to see them, visit the section FOR BABY to see all its features. You can also find Wawa Band + Wawa Wrap + pacifier packs in the PACKS DISCOUNT section with a 10% discount. So you can develop the Kusi Wawa Method in the best possible way.