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Our first Christmas

Our first Christmas
Christmas is approaching and, these is possibly the happiest of your whole life. For the first time, you celebrate Christmas with your offspring. You recover the illusion for the 3 kings, although you know that they still do not "understand" much.

But with all the parties you can also feel overwhelmed. Especially if your baby is very small. If you are one of those who have people at home, what do I do with my baby's routine? Will you be able to sleep? Will you be able to follow the routine that we usually follow?

If you are someone who goes to someone's house, will your baby feel comfortable in a new house for the first time? With so many new people, will you feel overwhelmed? Will you be able to sleep? Will you be able to follow a routine?


Undoubtedly they are complicated moments so the routine concerns. And there is no doubt that you have to try to be a little flexible in this scenario. You will not be able to do everything you usually do. Your baby will not be able to sleep in a room in silence and without light. It will not be like that. But, if one thing has taught me the experience. It's that you do not have to suffer much for those things.

With the reality of new people who do not see your baby often, the fact that there will be many more people willing to spend a moment with him is also involved. And this implies ... arms! And what baby does not like arms?


What is important is that you are attentive to your baby. Be attentive to your hunger signals. As soon as you are hungry, do not let much time pass until you do not breastfeed or bottle. Try to get away from the crowd to do it. Go to an isolated room where he or she can relax a little and not be in the middle of the mess. If you see that you want to sleep, stay there with him or her until you fall asleep. Do not hurry. Maybe this Christmas you will not be with the others 100%, but at this moment they are not the ones who need you.

If you see that he gets nervous of so many people, put the excuse that he is hungry and take him to a quiet room. Or even take the stroller and go for a walk. Everyone will understand that you have to be absent if necessary. The important thing is that the nerves do not take over your offspring and Christmas becomes hell.

If your little one is used to using the Wawa Band at home, take it with you. The heat and that soothing smell will help you reassure him. Take advantage of all the stimuli you can and try to always feel protected by you. Actually, it's the only thing he wants.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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