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Orange combo

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Full Kusi Wawa combo.

It includes:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton pajamas. With water based orange stamp.  No labels to avoid allergies on the skin of the newborn. With front opening system to facilitate the task of dressing the baby. With mittens included in the size of 0-1 months. It includes an optimal fixing system of the Wawa Band.
  • 100% cotton band used to relieve baby's belly pain. The tape keeps the seed cushion on top of the baby's tummy to help relieve the symptoms of colic and gas.
  • Swaddle made with 100% cotton of our own creation. With the ideal size to Swaddle a newborn.
  • Orange combo
  • Orange combo
  • Orange combo
  • Orange combo
  • Orange combo

How does the Kusi Wawa method work?

  1. Dress the baby with the Wawa Wear to obtain the ideal positioning for the Wawa Band.
  2. Button the clasps between the pijama and the Wawa Band.
  3. Place the Wawa Band around the baby’s body. Start on top of the baby’s belly, go around the body through the back and close the band with the Velcro, on top of the baby’s belly again. Make sure that the Wawa Band has been placed properly and that it fits tightly around the baby’s body. Thanks to the Velcro and the elastic band placed in the back, the band should really adapt to the baby’s body. The pocket to place the cushion should be on top of baby’s belly, with the pocket opening towards the top.
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