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Mysalus talks about colic and Kusi Wawa

Mysalus talks about colic and Kusi Wawa

This week ... we bring you a post about MySalus!


MySalus is a channel focused on providing health advice for babies, so that parents can enjoy their motherhood and fatherhood happily.

In the video attached below, Carlota, a physiotherapist specialized in maternity, postpartum recovery and pediatric physiotherapist, tells us how we can detect colic and, at the same time, 10 tips to be able to relieve pain.


First of all, to detect this disorder, Carlota mentions certain characteristics: high and exasperating crying of the baby, agitation of the arms and hard gut. In regard to the duration, this can be from 20 minutes to 3 hours, towards sunset.

As she tells us, the cause of colic is unknown, although it is believed that it may be due to intestinal immaturity.


Secondly, when we are faced with this problem, it provides us with 10 tips to be able to solve it:

- Keep calm: it is important not to overstress in times of crisis.

- Avoid stress

- Kusi Wawa method: we place the Wawa Band around the baby's body, with its already heated cushion (always checking that the thermal device shows the appropriate temperature). Then we put the Wawa Wrap, swaddle the baby, and place the baby facing down while we swing him. While doing that we are going to help relax the baby so he can stop crying.

- Avoid the air intake of the baby when eating

- Help the baby in digestion and evacuation

- Postural changes: when the baby is uncomfortable, changes in postures help the gases move and therefore it is easier to expel their gases.

- Spend time with your baby: Observe to be able to anticipate at the right time.

- Suction: the suction can calm you

- Use white noises: sound that imitates the sound that babies heard when they were in the womb, which relaxes them a lot.

- Rubio method: specific physiotherapy technique. There are two sessions focused on the gut of the baby, thanks to which in the vast majority of cases their symptoms are solved.


We must use these relevant tips to translate it into welfare for the whole family!


We hope you liked and interested as much as we did, and we enclose some posts that we believe can be very helpful ... hope you have a wonderful week!