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Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps is the sharp pain that some women feel at the time of menstruation.

As we already know, menstruation is a natural process by which our body expels the walls of the uterus since there has been no implantation (that is, there is no baby).
These uterine walls perform a series of contractions to expel the dead walls. This movement can sometimes cause what we know as menstrual cramps.
This pain can sometimes even affect our bowel movements.
But all this process we must remember that it is natural. But as natural as it is, we don't have to suffer in silence. So Kusi Wawa offers you a belt for women that can help you relieve this pain. Without medication and in a 100% natural way.

Respecting your rhythms, your life, and accompanying you wherever you are. All you need is a microwave and you are ready to relax.

Many women write to us that they use it at work, at home while doing homework, on the couch while reading. Some even tell us that it has become their favorite routine during those days. Warmth, relaxing aromatherapy and sofa moment.

Because we all know the importance of dedicating time to ourselves. But many times it is very complicated. This ritual is simple. It's easy to use and you don't need much. Incorporate it little by little and you will see how you feel better.

In addition, we know that it is also safe to use during pregnancy and childbirth. So, it is a belt that will give you A LOT OF LIFE!

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