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Menstrual cramps pain reducer

Menstrual cramps pain reducer

That day of the month arrives and ... does it hurt when you have your period? For those who hurt us we know how annoying it can be. You do not know where to put yourself. You do not know what to do. And the bad thing is that every month you will have to go through it again and again.

There are times when the pain of the period is due even to Endometrosis. Which requires a post in itself, but in general, when that day of the month arrives ... it is usually quite annoying.

The main discomforts that women suffer when menstruation arrives are the following:

- Pain in the ovarian area.
- Pain from gas accumulation.
- Back pain. As if it were a kidney pain.

All of them very annoying. But now the Wawa Mom belt can help you combat all these discomforts naturally.

It is a belt that contains two cushions of seeds, one in the lower back and one in the previous area. Its function is to keep both cushions above the areas that we usually have pain.

The seed cushions are designed to keep the heat lasting and, at the same time, provide a soft and relaxing smell. To heat them you only need to introduce them between one and three minutes in the microwave or in the oven at low temperature.
Most important of all, make sure you don't burn the cushion. That the temperature that you put it feels pleasant to the contact with your skin. Next, the belt will do all the work so you can do everything you want. Thanks to being a belt it allows you to have total freedom of movement so that you can enjoy the relief of the warmth without needing to be attached to plugs.

The heat acts as a natural pain reliever, so it will automatically relieve back and ovarian pain. In addition, the heat helps to promote bowel movement so, apart from relieving the pain of flatulence, it will help us expel it completely naturally.

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