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Youtuber Mamá Libris talks about Kusi Wawa

Youtuber Mamá Libris talks about Kusi Wawa
Mama Libris is a well known Youtuber in Spain who had her fourth baby and, we were lucky, to meet her just when the baby was born.

In the video she shared, she tells us about her postpartum. In fact, we must admit that she was lucky with this little angel and that much of her luck we attribute to her experience. Definitely. If with the second baby everything is taken differently, there is no question that with the fourth even more. You already know what you really need. You have already learned what is really important for your baby and FOR YOU!

So, thanks to prioritizing what is really important and basic we get a postpartum much more calm. With more joy. But, the reality is that even though you are mentalized this is only achieved with experience.

At the end of the video, we can see how he talks about us and how he uses the Wawa band to calm his little one. It is wonderful to see how they stay so calm with the warmth and aroma of the Wawa Band.

We attach the video to this post.

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