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One more year, Kusi Wawa

One more year, Kusi Wawa
One more year families.

It seems that yesterday we wished you a happy 2018 and, without realizing it, today we start a new year. 2019

many things have happened this year. How much we have learned Without a doubt, a year that we received with great hope and great enthusiasm.

We begin our European journey and we hope to grow in our neighboring countries.

We begin the year with our hopes put into our metamorphosis. Yes, because this is the year that Kusi Wawa evolves. We went from being the Kusi Wawa that relieves the colic of your baby, to being the Kusi Wawa that accompanies you throughout the process of motherhood. From the day you learned that you would be a mother, until the birth of your child.

We want our new products to help you as much as the Wawa Band has helped you in these hard times. We hope to be a haven of peace not only for babies but also for moms. We hope that our efforts to do everything with a natural base in mind will come to fruition. We hope you like it and we hope we can help you much more.

This year we hope that it will be the year of change, the year in which Kusi Wawa flourishes. And we know that all this would not be possible without you. So before starting this new adventure, I did not want to start without giving THANKS.

THANK YOU! For allowing us to get where we are today. THANK YOU! For trusting us.  THANKS! For letting us be part of your day to day. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the photos of your babies and realizing that we are already part of many routines and many very tender and very beautiful moments. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

See you soon, after our vacation. And with a lot of ENERGY!