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Kusi Wawa method results with Nurses and midwives

Kusi Wawa method results with Nurses and midwives


Good morning families and anyone interested in the fascinating world of babies!

As we explained a few months ago, to check the real effectiveness of our innovative Kusi Wawa method, we are conducting a thorough study with the help of nurses and midwives from all over Spain.

To date we have obtained true results from 17 centers out of the 72 with which we work, with more than 30 different babies, with whom we have elaborated the following study:


On the one hand, as can be seen in the first graph, of the 30 babies 27 needed to relieve colic and the remaining 3 needed to alleviate other problems such as swollen lymph nodes.


ficheros/grafico 1 . colicos kusi wawa.jpg


On the other hand, with regard to graph II, we can see how more than half of the babies subject to the study, from the application of our method, have valued the result with a degree of satisfaction 5, that is, the highest one.

ficheros/grafico 2. resultados metodo kusi wawa colicos.jpg 


Satisfied with the results we are obtaining through this project, we have thought it appropriate to show you the good results that nurses and midwives provide us with. We promise to show you the results later, so you can see the participation and interest of this captivating study.


To say goodbye, we leave you some interesting links so that, among others, you can investigate more in our study and in the results that we have been obtaining:






See you next week ... regards!