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Kusi Wawa in “Hoy Tampoco Duermo”

Kusi Wawa in   “Hoy Tampoco Duermo”
Kusi Wawa and his method to relieve colic of the infant have been interviewed for a very interesting podcast. Today we show you the most personal face of Kusi Wawa. The adventure of undertaking and the fears that it entails. And we open our hearts to you with hope and the reason why everything started.

Cristina Aparicio, founder of Cleoveo, has created an interesting Podcast where she details her entire entrepreneurial process. In it, shows us the challenges that, in general, have to face the majority of entrepreneurs. For us it was quite a discovery why, when the road gets difficult, it is a good meeting place to give back motivation and remind us the purpose.

One of the most interesting parts of the Podcast is the interviews that it makes to different entrepreneurs. All of them, start their project on the basis of maternity / paternity and it is very interesting to hear their experiences. Obviously each one is at a different point of development: like everything in life. And it is very interesting to hear his adventures.

Often, when I listen, I always find some opinion or comment to see reflected. We all pretty much go through the same process. And today the interviewee was me. I hope you like it.