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the blog Tres Crianzas talks about KUSIWAWA: his only effective remedy for baby colics. 

the blog Tres Crianzas talks about KUSIWAWA: his only effective remedy for baby colics. 

After spending sleepless nights with their baby's colic, they met, from the hands of the creator, the Kusi Wawa method. After trying it the first night with the baby, it only took 15 minutes for baby to fall sleep ( which was impossible before trying the method)!


So, once the blogger observed the good results that the combination of Wawa Band and Wawa Wrap gave her, she started to apply it before the time when the colics usually began.


Extremely happy with the results of the purchased products,  they explain in the post what's the Kusi Wawa method and how it's done through its products: Wawa Band, Wawa Wrap and Wawa Wear:


-Wawa Band: A thermal band made of flax seeds  that, heated at the microwave, applies heat on baby's belly. In addition, it has a sensor the shows if the device is too hot,  letting you know if you should wait to put in on so as not to burn the child. 


-Wawa Wrap: To complement the Wawa Band, we have this swaddle to wrap the baby and provide him with warmth, security and tranquility.  Apart from helping us apply the much-needed containment of the second part of the Kusi Wawa method.


-Wawa Wear: pajama made out of 100% organic cotton that helps to put the Wawa Band so it doesn't move.


If you want a know more about infant colics, how to fight them with our revolutionary method and where you can buy the products, visit us here.


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