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Kusi Wawa expands in France

Kusi Wawa expands in France
Kusi Wawa enters the French market.


In Kusi Wawa we focus all our efforts on improving the quality of life of new moms and the little ones of the house in a natural way.


We were born in 2016 with our Kusi Wawa Method to relieve infant colic; where we combine the relief of physical pain with contact and emotional support to help calm the baby. We created a few simple steps and patented a belt that helps to apply heat on the baby's belly in an effective and natural way.

Why does it work?

The heat acts as a natural analgesic and promotes the expulsion of gases.
Aromatherapy promotes relaxation
The swaddle is designed to lull a newborn offering comfort
Contact with parents is essential to achieve a final relaxation in the baby

Find link to the tutorial here

Method scientifically proven and validated by the Catalan Association of Pediatric Nursing in more than 50 primary care centers with satisfactory results of more than 80%

This 2019 we have presented the new thermal belt for women that allows to relieve pain naturally by thermotherapy while allowing free movement. The belt is ideal for


The pregnancy. Relieves back pain, suprapubic, contractions
The day of the birth
The postpartum Relieves messes, back pain, contractures, menstural pains ...

The belt has been created with the Matrona Laura Tarrats and the Germans Trías and Pujol Research Center in Barcelona. It has been in use in the delivery rooms of the Hospital Germans Trias for one year under investigation to verify its benefits and has obtained a degree of satisfaction of more than 90%


Find link tutorial on the belt and how to use it here

Kusi Wawa arrives in France to offer all of her families the well-being that we have been cultivating in Spanish families since 2016. First, thanks to the solution for colic, and now also with the solution for moms.