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Patented product Wawa Band Kusi Wawa cushion replacements

Kusi Wawa cushion replacements

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The thermic cushion is the key to the Wawa Band. The interior blend is made with love and care to provide the best effects. The weight of the content has been chosen rigorously to avoid proportionating too much weight on the baby’s belly. The size of the seeds has been chosen to speed up the heating process (we know there is no time to loose) and to make it more pleasant to touch when applying on top of the baby’s body. The aromatic mixture has been elaborated with an aroma therapeutic professional and validated through a strict focus group analysis process.
We have incorporated the mixture that proved to relax our interviewees more and, at the same time, that was most appealing.
All cushions now incorporate a secure device to warn when the cushion is too hot to apply on baby's belly

S size: 0-3 months
L size: 4-9 months

  • Kusi Wawa cushion replacements
  • Kusi Wawa cushion replacements
  • Kusi Wawa cushion replacements
  • Kusi Wawa cushion replacements

  • Mantain at cool dry area

  • Do not wet

How does the Kusi Wawa method work?

  1. Dress the baby with the Wawa Wear to obtain the ideal positioning for the Wawa Band.
  2. Button the clasps between the pijama and the Wawa Band.
  3. Place the Wawa Band around the baby’s body. Start on top of the baby’s belly, go around the body through the back and close the band with the Velcro, on top of the baby’s belly again. Make sure that the Wawa Band has been placed properly and that it fits tightly around the baby’s body. Thanks to the Velcro and the elastic band placed in the back, the band should really adapt to the baby’s body. The pocket to place the cushion should be on top of baby’s belly, with the pocket opening towards the top.
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  • Anonymus
    I love it, I already had it when the other baby was born, and it had come great, and now that the child is starting to have colic is the best way to stay calm and not go over.


  • Sara García
    I've been using the Wawa Band for months and I think its amazing!

    Sara García


  • Noelia Redondo
    To treat Lucas's colic, we are doing a treatment with the Osteopath and we combine it with the Kusi Wawa Method when he starts crying. It works very well for us.

    Noelia Redondo


  • Marina Tamayo
    Marc had colic and told us a lot about the Kusi Wawa Method. So we decided to try it. We are delighted! It calms you very much and you stay super relaxed.

    Marina Tamayo