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Kusi Wawa in Té de Tot at Tv Girona

Kusi Wawa in Té de Tot at Tv Girona

A few weeks ago we were live on the TV program TDT Girona. Georgina interviewed us to talk about our thermal belt for women and the anti-colic baby belt.

It was a pleasure to attend the live show. We were very comfortable and it is really encouraging to be able to share our story with all of you.

Being a regional television in Catalonia, the content is in Catalan. For this we will make a brief summary of the interview in this post.

Georgina starts asking us about the thermal belt for women. We talked about our collaboration with the Germans Trias and Pujol Institute and the matron Laura Tarrats. We also talked about the study that was carried out at the Can Ruti Hospital for a period of one year prior to the agreement of the institute, where more than 90% of the interviewees considered that it is a wonderful belt and that they would use it again.

We also talk about the uses of the belt: not only is a belt for childbirth because it has many uses in pregnancy (to relieve back pain, pubic pain, contractions ...) and also in the postpartum (to relieve back pain , contractures, menstrual pains, wrongs ...).

The main distinguishing point of the belt is that it allows us to move while applying heat in the areas where we need the analgesic effect of the thermotherapy.

Then, after talking about the Wawa mom belt, Georgina is interested in our history and how this opportunity comes to us. At that moment we explain how everything starts. With the birth of our first daughter, her cramps, and our need to find a way to help her. We speak of the anti-colic belt and the Kusi Wawa method, which allows relieving a newborn with this ailment thanks to the relief of physical pain through thermotherapy and contact (second phase of the method).

And finally, we have just talked about the essential oils that we have created with the Spanish Association of Infant Massage to create routines that favor both the relaxation of the baby and the regeneration of the tissue of the mothers.

Attached link to the interview for those who are interested in seeing it:


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