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How to heat the Kusi Wawa cushions without microwave

How to heat the Kusi Wawa cushions without microwave
The Wawa Band is one of the key pieces to treat infant colic with the Kusi Wawa Method, in addition to helping in cases of gas and dyschia.

Many times, but, they ask us if there is another way to heat the Kusi Wawa seed cushion without a microwave. The answer is Yes. There are other ways to heat it, although in any scenario you have to be very careful and always check the temperature of the cushion before placing it on the baby's body.

Thanks to our patented anti-burn safety device, you can know when the cushion is at the right temperature quickly and safely. It is a visual device that ignites a red flame when it is too hot.

Additionally, you can also do the test in an area of ​​sensitive skin (such as lips) if you need it.

It is very important that we never heat the cushion inside the Wawa Band. It is not ready to warm up and can be damaged. Also if you heat it with the belt it will not allow you to see the safety device.
Next, we will present an alternative to heat the cushion.

The oven. To heat the cushion in the oven you have to be very careful with two aspects. First you have to set the temperature low, to avoid “cooking” the contents of the cushion. And second, when we introduce the cushion we must be careful to put it on a clean and dry surface. To avoid staining or wetting the seeds that can be damaged. We will place the cushion inside the oven and every 10 seconds we will take it out to check if the temperature is correct.

We recommend that you write down the time you need to do so, the next time you heat it you can already know exactly the time you need and you no longer have to do phases of 10 seconds in 10 seconds.
In winter, another very practical method may be to place the cushion on top of the radiator. When releasing heat it heats up.

The Wawa Band always comes with the cushion included, but you can also find spare parts in the BABY section.

The Wawa Band always comes with the included cushion, but you can find spare parts also in the section FOR BABIES.