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How to avoid SIDS

How to avoid SIDS
Today we will talk about another issue that concerns dads almost more than the baby's colic during the first months of the baby's life: SIDS.

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a syndrome where an apparently healthy baby dies spontaneously without knowing very well why. It mostly affects babies in the second and third month of life.
In 2016 a breakthrough was made in this sense because a direct correlation was found between orexin protein deficit and sudden death. This protein is responsible for making the newborn wake up in case of oxygen deficiency. It seems to be that newborns who have suffered from SIDS all agree on low levels of orexin.

As SIDS arrives without warning, several associations of pediatrics worldwide have made a list of things to keep in mind to prevent your baby from suffering. Here is a summary:   

  • The first and mostly known. The position of the baby when sleeping. The baby should sleep on his back. Never face down. In this way we make sure there is no accumulation of CO2. 
  • Put the baby to sleep on a flat surface and avoid leaving loose pieces in the crib. It has been seen that the number of cases of SIDS increases in winter and it is intuited that it is due to the blankets and other pieces with which the baby sleeps in the crib. It is for this reason that to reduce the risk of SIDS it is recommended that there are no loose blankets or sheets. In winter, to cover the baby is recommended to put it inside a sack or wrap it with a swaddling. 
  • The temperature at home. If the room temperature is too hot, SIDS can increase. That is why it is so important to always keep the temperature of the house to no more than 22 degrees Celsius at night. 
  • Do not smoke around the baby. Tobacco smoke greatly increases your baby's risk of developing SIDS.

Some worried moms have contacted us in case the use of the Wawa Band can cause SIDS. And, here is reassuring touch. Do not tease and we tell you why: 
  • The heat content of the Wawa Band is not the same as the room temperature heat. It does not affect how much oxygen the baby can breathe. 
  • When you have managed to relax the baby, we always recommend that you do not leave the baby sleeping with the Wawa band. 1. Why no longer apply heat and is not making any use of it. 2. To avoid loose parts in the crib (one of the main recommendations of the American Pediatric Association). 

But that is not all. The AAP advises us to wrap the baby (swaddeling) to avoid SIDS. And, precisely, our Wawa Wrap is designed for it. If you wrap the baby well and leave it well collected (without loose ends) it can even help reduce the chances of suffering from SIDS.