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How to avoid colic in newborn babies?

How to avoid colic in newborn babies?

When a new baby arrives in the family, there is a lot of hope. But also, often, there are many preconceptions. We have those movie babies in our heads. They just sleep, pee and poop, and eat. But the reality is usually much further away.

A newborn may have colic. And if that's the case, it can be exasperating. Not knowing how to treat them, how to relieve your baby. For this reason, today we give you some recommendations to try to avoid colic.

To understand our recommendations, it is first necessary to understand what the causes of colic may be. Colic can be reproduced in two situations. On the one hand, it can be caused by intestinal immaturity or the presence of gases in the intestinal transit. On the other hand, the severity of any discomfort is amplified by the more emotional aspect. The baby needs contact, exclusive time, attention, etc.

We live at a very fast pace and often our day to day does not allow us to slow down. But our babies need us to slow down.

Therefore, to try to prevent our little one from having colic, we are going to make the following recommendations:

1. Do a lot of carrying. The baby likes to be in our arms and carrying is a wonderful way to keep him close. Movement, the feeling of being in the belly ... helps our little one to relax.
2. Perform massages in the morning. Massage encourages contact in addition to helping intestinal transit. It will be important to perform the massage in the morning or at a time when the baby is calm. We will never perform the massage at the time of colic.
3. Help your baby sleep. Try to have a clear and regular schedule. It will help you nap when he plays and you will be more rested.

In case the baby breaks down in tears, at the time of colic we will use the Kusi Wawa method.

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