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How to alleviate my baby with gases

How to alleviate my baby with gases
One of the most common conditions of newborns is to suffer from gas after taking. It can be due to many things. One of them may be because the digestive system is starting in the process of digestion. The most extreme cases can be caused by a slight lactose intolerance. All this, temporary and usually happens as they get older and become familiar with the sensations that this condition presents.


However, even and not have too much importance, is one of the things that brings us head to the new dads. And it is true that it is a benign pain because the newborn does not suffer from malnutrition or any side effects. But seeing him cry with that despair, with that pain, breaks us inside.


Today we are going to explain what you can do to relieve your baby's gas without him feeling pain.


First of all, when you see that your tummy swells and starts to get uncomfortable, it is very important that we apply heat to your belly. Heat has several positive effects on a newborn. At the end of the article we are going to include a link to another post that we wrote a few months ago where we talked specifically about this.

To summarize, the heat in the tripita is wonderful for our babies. For starters, we are relieving pain in a natural and non-intrusive way. But apart from the relief, we are also encouraging the movement of stagnant gases, so we are helping you to expel those gases that are bothering you so much.

Kusi Wawa has created the Wawa Band so that you can apply heat on your newborn's tripita quickly, easily and safely. Quick, because thanks to its seeds the heating process of the cushion is 15 seconds in a microwave. Easy, because you only have to introduce it in the microwave (and check that it is not dirty or wet) and safe, because the cushions of Kusi Wawa are the only ones with a safety device to verify that they are at the correct temperature. At the end of the article we will include a link to our previous post where we explain specifically the benefits of the Kusi Wawa security device.


Another aspect that is extremely important is that, in full gas attack NEVER perform a massage to help the baby to expel them. At the moment that the petite is swollen if we massage the area, we will only get to tighten the area even more, produce pain and in no case will we help to expel them. The massage is VERY IMPORTANT to be performed, and should be a daily practice. But NEVER at the time of the crisis. The massage will be done at a time of the day that is calm and receptive.


If you want more information about how you can help your baby with gas, you can contact us at wawa@kusiwawa.com