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How the pregnancy and delivery belt was created

How the pregnancy and delivery belt was created
You have probably already heard that now, in Kusi Wawa, we have a belt that helps relieve the pains of pregnancy and childbirth naturally.

In the same way we got it with babies, we created a belt specially created FOR MOMS.

Heat is a natural and safe analgesic, so it is the best way to feel relieved without putting you or the baby at risk.

But if what you're interested in is the story behind the belt. How it was created ... why ... today we are going to tell you a little more about Laura Tarrats.

Laura is a midwife of Can Ruti University Hospital. Said hospital has a research department of national renown, the IGTP.

When Laura had her second child, she felt uncomfortable because when trying to apply heat to the lumbar and suprapubic area, she saw that it was complex to put up with and in the end she felt more upset than relieved. It was at that very moment that he thought that if there was a belt that could withstand heat pockets, it could make the task much easier.

After having the baby investigated to see if something already existed. And he realized that it was not like that. So he went to work to create what no one had ever created before.

Attached to this blog you will find a video with a more detailed explanation of how the Wawa Mom belt is created, etc.

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