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How long do infant colic last?

How long do infant colic last?

How long do infant colic last?


Infant colic is a benign disorder that occurs in smaller babies, just after birth. It is said that a baby suffers from colic when he cries more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week, and for more than 3 weeks.
They can start around 2 weeks of life and can be extended to 4 months.
When our little ones suffer from colic, they are so small that it is often very difficult to define exactly why the baby cries. You should always go to your health center to confirm that it is nothing serious. But if they confirm that they are colic, they can be caused by several reasons.

The reason that triggers crying can be several:

- intestinal pain
- Intestinal immaturity (which causes pain)
- Gases
- Reflux
- Lack of contact
- Lack of security
- Some studies even show that there may be a link between colic and migraine

Most times, it is usually a mixture of several.

Dr Harvey Karp explains in his theory that newborns, in fact, should spend 3 more months in the mother's womb. But since our brains are so evolved, it would make newborns so large that they could not leave the mother (or would not survive). So, as the body is wise, it causes babies to be born before. But what does this imply? That we must bear in mind that when our children are born they need 3 months more of extrogestation. With this, he explains why babies need to be in constant contact with their parents, be well lulled and with the swinging of the mother's movement. It is the most emotional reason for colic. The one that we often forget and do not take into account and only look at the part of the intestinal pain.

This explanation also explains the time that colic usually lasts. It usually coincides with the additional trimester our babies need.

It is for this reason that it is so important to keep our newborns close. And the carrying shirts are a wonderful and practical way to do it.

At the same time, also precisely for this reason, the Kusi Wawa Method relaxes them so much. Because apart from providing heat that relieves potential intestinal pain, relaxes and coo well to feel protected and collected. The combination of all these aspects helps our baby feel good and stop crying.

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