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How did we create the Wawa Band

How did we create the Wawa Band
Kusi Wawa was born from my most personal experience. When my first daughter was born, I had a very hard postpartum period. She had severe colic, breastfeeding problems ... I spent hours and hours crying. She felt that she was losing control, that she could not handle it and the deepest feeling of guilt came for not being the mother that I had imagined she would be. Obviously, because of these expectations that we make ourselves, they are not really realistic. My self esteem was missing. The tears and cries of our daughter settled in my heart and made me feel weak and very sad. Something that, again, I did not want to feel since this "had to be the happiest moment of my life."

So, to feel better, we started the process to improve the things that weren't working. We went to a lactation consultant and I started researching what I could do to ease my daughter's colic naturally. So when, after much trial and error and working with our pediatrician, we came up with The Kusi Wawa Method. I felt happy. My daughter could finally rest, I finally found a way for her to stop crying. Magically, my self-esteem returned. I felt safe again. I relativized all these feelings of guilt. I was me again.

Kusi Wawa pretends to be that. This 100% natural help to make you feel good. So that you can face those little moments that concern all moms with confidence and calm. Knowing that it is totally natural and non-intrusive; and that she takes care of you and your baby.