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Solution for baby colic

  • Colic newborn


    100% Cotton band that’s positioned around the baby’s body. It includes the thermic cushion to apply heat on top of baby’s belly.

  • How to relieve baby colic


    100% cotton swaddle. With the softness you need to hug your little baby, but the right density to help eliminate the episodes of the baby’s colic.

  • Colic pajamas


    This baby pajama has been made with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. A clasp button tie system is provided to provide proper positioning of the Wawa Band.

  • Colic of the infant treatment

    wawaGift Combo

    Buy combinations of our products to aleviate baby colic, AT THE BEST PRICE.

  • Lactating colic treatment

    wawaMom & Dad

    We propose solutions to help new dads and mothers: baby carriers, porter shirts, baby massage workshops or training on our method against baby colic

About us

My name is Meritxell Vinyas and I became a mom in November 2014. As any new mom, my world did a 180 degree turn. My priorities changed, so did my interests, values and worries… in conclusion, my life changed. And with the beautiful arrival of our daughter, a million new emotions also came.

With her, I entered a world of new products, new needs... a new reality. You value things that you didn’t even consider before. And with our daughter’s arrival, the reality kicked in. She had baby colic. And I had the necessity to help her bear that load in the most natural way possible. Avoiding medication or any aggressive intrusion. After an extended investigation on the solutions that the American market offered, and several trials with different traditional methods, we arrived to the Kusi Wawa method. A combination of Dr Karp’s learnings and the application of heat in the abdominal area.