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Give Kusi Wawa for Christmas

Give Kusi Wawa for Christmas
The holidays are approaching and, with them, the Christmas songs and the joy that this time of year generates.
And with them always comes the same doubt ... gifts gifts gifts.
There is nothing that makes us happier than giving that gift that you know you will like. But in addition, there are things that you can give away from more than one hurry.
But if, apart from being beautiful and practical, you know that what you are giving away is natural, take care of yours and have an ethical production process. Don't you think it's much better?
The gift giving is over. And the gift is finished at any price. We are increasingly aware of our surroundings. Either the environment or the treatment of people who have been involved in the production process.
And you have to take everything into account, because large productions that bring the product from afar. They are probably cheaper, but… And the costs they generate for the environment? And the tissue they use? And the treatment that their workers receive?
If one thing we can guarantee from Kusi Wawa, it is that all our production is km.0. Designed, created and made near Barcelona. The emissions are minimal, because they only generate the transfer of the clothing workshop to our offices. In very small quantities, compared to large producers. And, also thanks to this you know that all the people who have been part of our production chain live and enjoy Christmas as a family too. Why in Kusi Wawa we respect each of our workers.
But apart from being a responsible company, you know that what you are going to give is going to be good. Either for baby or for mom. We only work with cotton of the best quality. Everything that comes into contact with the baby's skin is organic cotton. Oeko Tex certified fabrics. And 100% natural seeds and oils. No chemicals for your skin and that of your little one.

Because today what we like to give is no longer so much "things" but experiences. And with each product of Kusi Wawa you are giving well-being.

- The belt for mom. A belt designed by a midwife. Tested for one year in pregnant women at the time of delivery. You will be able to use it to relieve back pain, sciatica in pregnancy. To relieve labor contractions and to relieve backaches and menstruation for the rest of your life. All while you can continue with your day to day without having to be "tied" to a point of electricity. You just need the belt to keep the cushions on.
- The gift pack for baby. The perfect pack to give to a baby that is about to be born. The pajamas are made of certified organic cotton gots. Ideal for when born. The Wawa Band, you know you will use it a lot. And that is a natural and safe way to relieve your baby's gut pains. And the lullaby is so tasty! And ideal for developing the second part of the Kusi Wawa Method.
- Our oils are 100% natural. Ideal for the skin of the baby and the mother. Designed following the indications of AEMI.
- The carrying shirts. The perfect complement to the Kusi Wawa Method. In addition, now you will find them with a discount. But only while supplies last.

We hope you have a very happy holiday season.