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Patented product Wawa Band 100% orgànic cotton
Fuchsia wawa band

Fuchsia wawa band

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Belt that is placed around the body of the baby to apply heat in the belly of this one. Its design is designed to adapt to the body of your baby and do it comfortably and quickly.
The Wawa Band comes with its thermal pad included. With a safety device marked by a red light in the form of a flame of fire when it is too hot. Its interior is a mixture of seeds and natural aromatic herbs.

To see how it works, watch the video tutorial.

There are 2 sizes:
- For babies 0-3 months: 67cm long
- For babies 4-9 months: 77cm long
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Fuchsia wawa band
  • Wash
    at 30º
  • Do not
  • Ironing
    at 100ºC
  • Cotton
    100% orgànic

How does the Kusi Wawa method work?

  1. Dress the baby with the Wawa Wear to obtain the ideal positioning for the Wawa Band.
  2. Button the clasps between the pijama and the Wawa Band.
  3. Place the Wawa Band around the baby’s body. Start on top of the baby’s belly, go around the body through the back and close the band with the Velcro, on top of the baby’s belly again. Make sure that the Wawa Band has been placed properly and that it fits tightly around the baby’s body. Thanks to the Velcro and the elastic band placed in the back, the band should really adapt to the baby’s body. The pocket to place the cushion should be on top of baby’s belly, with the pocket opening towards the top.
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  • Lara Larousse
    I recommend it 100%. My baby has helped a lot with colic. Simply put it on and most times it calms down on its own. Some people  laughed at me when I told him that I had bought this, telling...

    Lara Larousse


  • Sara Benitz
    He is a month and a half old and he just recently started having gases. We are using the Wawa Band to relieve him. Many parents recommended it to me, so  we decided to buy it. When we put it on,...

    Sara Benitz

  • Cris D. García
    Last week we got the Wawa Band and we couldn't be happier. We are done with crying at night.

    Cris D. García

  • Montse
    The Wawa Band is really helpful. When we put it on his belly, it really calms him. It helps us all rest.