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My experience breastfeeding

My experience breastfeeding
Breastfeeding for me has been the most wonderful experience, but at the same time the hardest we have had at home in terms of motherhood.

I have two totally different breastfeeding experiences on my back and, thanks to them, I have come to the following conclusion:

- There's nothing more wonderful than being able to breastfeed your baby.
- There is no greater satisfaction than when they tell you that your baby is huge ... and everything is chest!
- There is no connection more special than when my baby looks at me from the tit.
- There is no smile more beautiful than the one he gives me when he sees that it's time to eat 😊
But, at the same time I also learned:
- That sometimes breastfeeding is complicated. With my first daughter, she did not get well and she lost so much weight that we had to supplement. To which we put her to the chest she slept and did not eat, with what was a constant suffering. Once we started to supplement, the insecurity took over me and I never made the step back to exclusive breastfeeding.
- The experience with my daughter left me the biggest thorn. But thanks to that, today I am breastfeeding my little one and with a resounding success
- The importance of having a professional next to you when there are these moments. The main error or problem that we had is that where we live there were no breastfeeding groups as they exist here in Spain. Therefore, it was very difficult to find a lactation consultant. We had to go to a hospital, to make a visit which lasted about 20 minutes. Stress, little personalization, little tranquility, the environment ... nothing helped.
- The tribe with other moms who are going through the same thing as you are also very helpful. They reinforce your security.
- And to finish, portals like ALBA LACTANCIA are a blessing. And I say blessing because when you breastfeed there are many, many doubts about what you can take or what you can not. And with Alba Lactancia you live with a security that is priceless.

For now with the child we have been exclusively breastfeeding for 4 months and the idea is to continue as much as we can. Soon, I will return to work and here comes the next "stone on the road". But I will trust the breastfeeding group and talk with friends who have gone through it. I like to hear opinions of how other moms have done it. Then, forming an idea or an objective is easier.

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