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Pregnancy, delivery and post partum relief

WAWA MOM, the pregnancy and childbirth relaxation belt

The WAWA MOM belt is the perfect complement for all women.

It allows to relieve back and abdominal pain in an EFFECTIVE, QUICK AND SAFE manner.

Its front and lumbar cushion allow two heat points. The cushions are designed to have the minimum weight to be able to use the belt in free movement.

You will use it for painful menstruation, cervical pain, contractures, back pain, contraction pain, sciatica, etc.

Especially indicated for pregnancy and childbirth, since it has been created and tested for a year by the team of midwives of the Germans Trias and Pujol Hospital.

Why does it work?

  • Heat is a very effective natural pain reliever
  • The belt allows movement so new moms are free to be in the position that makes them feel better.
  • The heat is durable and has a relaxing aroma to promote relaxation.
  • The heat is applied in the lumbar and suprapubic area, which are the two points where women feel the contractions the most.
  • The application of heat may be applicable to moments before delivery, even to relieve lumbar pain, sciatica or other discomforts that usually appear around the third trimester of pregnancy.

It can be used both at home and in the hospital. It is the perfect complement both for natural deliveries before entering the pool and hospital deliveries, where the belt allows movement and fetal monitoring.

WAWA MOM is one size fits all and fits multiple tummies thanks to its velcro width.

Study results

The WAWA MOM belt has been created in collaboration with Midwife Laura Tarrats of the Trias and Pujol Research Institute.

With more than 10 years of experience in childbirth, Laura wanted to find a solution to relieve the pain of childbirth quickly, effectively and naturally. At the same than allowing free movement.

Her second delivery was a hasty birth at home and she found few means to find relief. It was because of this, and because of the knowledge of the methods used in the delivery rooms of his hospital, that he devised this fantastic belt that has two hot spots in the lumbar and suprapubic areas.

The Trias and Pujol Research Institute, in collaboration with its university hospital, has conducted a clinical trial prior to the marketing of the prosthetic belt to see the results of the use of said device.

The study has been conducted for a year with a group of 134 women, of whom 50% were destined to be the control group (they did not use the Wawa Mom belt) and the other 50% used the belt.

Thanks to the study it was possible to verify that, indeed, the mothers who had the WAWA MOM belt perceived at least two points less of labor pains and, at the same time, the satisfaction rate of those who tried it are of 90 out of 100. They believed it was useful and very effective. 

How does it work?

1. Open the Wawa Mom belt in front of you.

2. Open the pockets and take the seed cushions.

3. Heat in the microwave for about a minute or put it in the oven at very low temperature.

4. Check with your hand that it is not too hot

5. Place both cushions in the pockets of the Wawa Mom

6. Place the back cushion in the lower back

7. Close the belt around your body

8. The anterior cushion should be positioned below the belly

9. Dispute the early arrival of your baby!