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Contact favors happiness

Contact favors happiness

Today we will talk about love and contact. We all know that affection is essential for all of us. Not only children. When an adult feels lack of affection, lack of contact, feels bad and displaced. The reality is that we are mammals, so we need to live in contact.

Precisely because of this, Vimala Schenneider (now McClure) was taken aback when she traveled to India to see how the orphanages managed this lack of affection (having no parents). In India for centuries, moms intuitively massage their children routinely. Favoring contact, the connection between children and caregivers; and ultimately improving the state of happiness of society.

As a result of this experience, he founded the International Association of Infant Massage, which teaches parents around the world to massage their babies correctly. And for this reason we also love us because in Kusi Wawa we believe that contact is essential to develop a good self-esteem and a happy state of the baby.

In today's post, we will talk about numerous studies that have scientifically confirmed that AFFECTION, LOVE and LOVE that parents give their children greatly modifies the behavior and future of their children.

In 2010, a study of Duke University Medical School conducted a study of 500 families, of whom they were observed interacting with their newborn children. Thirty years were allowed and then adults were interviewed. The conclusion of the study is that babies whose families whose parents were more affective and cared more for their children, were more self-confident adults, more flexible and suffered from less anxiety.
In that study, the scientists found that OXYTOCIN could be to blame for this fact. Oxytocin is a chemical that your brain generates when a person feels love and connection. It is precisely what helps parents to feel this strong connection with their children.
In 2015, the University of Notre Dame interviewed 600 adults. The study was designed to see how the affection that one received from their parents could influence the life of this same child as an adult. These adults were interviewed and asked specifically for their parent's parenting style, physical contact, etc. Those adults who felt that they had less affection on the part of their parents had more adult problems, such as, for example, mental illness, less ability to empathize with others, and more problems in social contexts.

Another study also studied how SKIN WITH SKIN also has very positive effects for babies. It was found that those who had had contact with their parents and had skin-to-skin, were much more relaxed and slept much better. For what favored his mental development. Comparing them with other babies who had not had such luck, they saw that they had many more levels of cortisol - the stress hormone.

Because of this, it is so important to be close to our children. Massage them. ensure an atmosphere of love and contact. Do not be fooled by the: "care that gets used". And what else do you get used to? I wish all the babies were lucky to be used to it.

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