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Conditions of use and purchase


Before buying any products from our website www.kusiwawa.com, please read and make sure you understand all the Terms and Conditions.

If you are not sure or don’t understand any aspect of those Terms and Conditions, please contact us through email at wawa@kusiwawa.com before you purchase any product.

The owner of the website kusiwawa.comis Meritxell Vinyas Clos with NIF 41527238W, and address at Passeig de TorreValentina, 1. E3-E3- P2. 17252 Sant Antoni de Calonge.

1.2. For any communication with the owner of this website please send an email at wawa@kusiwawa.com


2.1. The usage of www.kusiwawa.com (from now on, the website) attributes the condition of user from the website (from now on, “Client” or “User”) and implies that they accept with no reservations all and every one of the rules in this Legal notice once the Client accesses the website. As a consequence, the Client must read in detail this legal notice each time he uses the Website, as it can be modified.

2.2. Kusi Wawa reserves the right to modify the user conditions of the Website, so the User must revise these conditions periodically.

2.3. The present usage conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain Website services have different conditions due to its particular characteristics. In that case, those conditions will be exposed in the product information.

2.4. This contracting and usage conditions are directed to end consumers (natural people), if you are a legal entity please contact us through email at wawa@kusiwawa.com

2.5. If the Client has a complaint about any aspect of a transaction with Kusi Wawa, please notify us through email at wawa@kusiwawa.com

2.6. Kusi Wawa will manage your complaint as fast as we can, with the aim to reply to our Client with the best solution possible.


3.1. This website’s goal is to sell the company’s products, most of them being technical products for babies.  

3.2. Kusi Wawa can modify and broaden the products and services they offer. They also have the right to modify the website, including or substituting new products, services, activities or content.


People under the age of 18 years old can only use our services with the consent of their parents or legal guardian.


5.1. Purchase formalization.

5.1.1. These purchase conditions will be applied for all purchases made effective between the Client and the products that Kusi Wawa advertises through its website.

5.1.2. Kusi Wawa will confirm the availability of the purchase through an email provided by the Client in a period no longer tan 24hours. This email is proof of Kusi Wawa’s approval of the purchase.  

5.1.3. When you receive the confirmation email please check that all the information you introduced are correct. You should print a copy as proof.

5.1.4 If you do not receive the confirmation email, or you see a mistake in the information that was introduced, please send us an email to wawa@kusiwawa.com in a period no longer than 12 hours.

5.1.5. You must introduce one email exclusively on our website. When introduced, you automatically accept that this email will be used as a communication method between Kusi Wawa and yourself.

5.1.6. It is possible that the website has sporadic promotions for certain products. All promotions will be limited to the availability of such product and will be strictly processed in the order that the orders where fulfilled.  

5.2. Price.

5.2.1. The Price for all products will be specified in Euros, with a mention of the taxes applicable in each case.

5.2.2. The prices are subject to a tax change or IVA applicability. In any case it will be communicated on the website during the purchasing process.  

5.2.3. The product prices do not include shipping cost, unless it indicates differently.

5.2.4. The marked prices in the website are applicable only at the moment of purchase and will only refer to internet purchases. All purchases will be subject to availability and we reserve the right to deny the service to anyone in particular. 

5.3. Payment

5.3.1. The Client must pay the totality of the purchase to Kusi Wawa before the merchandise can be sent. We will not accept partial payment.

5.3.2 The Client must carry out the payment of the merchandize through the payment methods that Kusi Wawa lists on the Website. In all cases, the payment method will guarantee the safety of the payment.

5.3.3. Kusi Wawa reserves the right to use third party electronic payment methods or financial institutions to manage the payments made by the Clients through the Website.

5.3.4. Kusi Wawa does not have access to any financial data from the Client and do not register any information introduced during the purchase process.

5.3.5. Kusi Wawa is not responsible for any commissions or additional expenses that the Client has to pay due to his own banking conditions, even if they have been caused due to a purchase of our products.

5.4. Shipping costs and conditions

5.4.1. All orders will apply the time and the cost showed at the end of this document.

5.4.2. The expected delivery date cannot be guaranteed as all deliveries are conducted through a third party and the merchandise can arrive earlier or later than expected.

5.4.3. Any special delivery (Saturday, express, etc.) must be paid completely before the product can be shipped. Please check the additional cost for all of them on the Shipping information provided on the website.

5.4.4. All deliveries are conducted between 8am and 6pm. Any request to deliver the product at a specific time frame must be discussed with the courier service directly.

5.4.5. Since the delivery can be performed by a big van or truck, the Client must confirm that the address is accessible through road. Kusi Wawa will not be responsible if the delivery can’t be finalized due to an inaccessible address. If the road that has access to the delivery address has any limitations please inform us during the purchasing process.

5.4.6. If the courier service goes to the delivery address and nobody is there to pick up the package, or the Client doesn’t want to sign or pick up the package for whatever reason that is not a damaged product, the Client will be responsible and will assume the failed delivery cost and any further attempts.

5.4.7. If the Client has not tried to contact Kusi Wawa in two days after the first denied delivery (for any reason that is not a damaged product), the product will be automatically returned to Kusi Wawa and the Client will be responsible for any incurred costs.

5.4.8. If the client was not there to pick up the delivery, the courier service will try to deliver the package one additional time for no extra cost. Any additional deliveries will be charged to the Client, applying any additional fees like Saturday delivery, etc. In the case that nobody is ever in the address to pick up the package, the order will automatically be sent back to Kusi Wawa without notification and under the clients’ responsibility. The costs will be charged with no notification through the original payment method.

5.4.9. The deliveries cannot be left unattended and we can’t deliver the merchandize to a different address than the one introduced in the purchase order.

5.4.10. The Courier service always makes the best effort to deliver the products in perfect state. But please check the merchandize immediately when delivered. You must notify to the courier professional if the product is broken and do not accept the product. The courier service will then return the package at no additional cost.

5.4.11. In case the merchandize is defective we will pick up and replace the product. The claims must be sent with a limit of three days after receiving the package. We will only accept claims for damaged product.

5.4.12. We will not be responsible for any cost as a consequence of delays on the delivery or incorrect products.

5.5. Cancellation rights and returns.

5.5.1. Orders can be cancelled for no additional cost until the product has shipped. Kusi Wawa will reimburse the paid amount in a period of seven days through the same payment method that was used. If the merchandise has been sent already from the Kusi Wawa warehouse, but we haven’t delivered the package to the Clients address, we will return the amount paid minus the direct expenses caused by the shipment.

5.5.2. To inform about a return, the Client must contact us through email at wawa@kusiwawa.com with a deadline of 15 calendar days from the purchase date. In the email the order number and the return reason must be specified. In most return scenarios, the shipping cost will be covered by the client.

The only scenarios where Kusi Wawa is going to cover the return and shipping costs are the following:

  • If the model color is not the one ordered by the client
  • If the product is defective; having been confirmed by our team
  • If the product shipped is not the product that was ordered.

5.5.3. The import return will be done after returning the merchandize and being checked by our team to confirm it is in perfect state and has not been used.

5.5.4. Once the return has been approved (always considering that the product is in perfect state), you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how your money will be returned.

5.5.5. Kusi Wawa reserves the right to reject any returns that are communicated or sent out of the deadline, or any merchandize that has been used or is not in the same conditions as it was sent.

5.5.6 The Client will cover the expenses for any additional process as a consequence of the product return, like packaging the product correctly to be sent on a safe way so that the product arrives to Kusi Wawa in its original state. If this is not conducted correctly and the product is damaged in the process, the Client will be responsible for any damage or harm suffered.

5.5.7. Kusi Wawa will reimburse the product amount, including shipping costs (but not return costs), through the original method used by the Client to purchase the product in a period of 15 calendar days since the verification of the product (to which you will have received a confirmation email). Remember that the final entry of the money depends on your bank entity and Kusi Wawa will not be responsible for this.

5.5.8. Kusi Wawa will only approve the returns of products that have not been used, according to the current legislation.

5.5.9. Kusi Wawa will not admit a return of a product that has been damaged by the Client.

5.5.10. The return of a product must be done in the original packaging or similar, to provide a safe shipping. When shipping the product you must write your address clearly as the sender and write the address that we provide as the return address. If the package is not sent following these instructions, the product may suffer depreciation and, if that’s the case, it will be charged to the Client.


5.6. Services and Guarantees

5.6.1. If the product that you received does not correspond to your order, or the product is faulty or damaged we will replace the goods for no additional cost for the Client.  In the case that the client doesn’t want the product replaced we will return the full amount.

5.6.2. If you have any questions about the delivery, please contact our customer service department through email at wawa@kusiwawa.com

5.6.3. It is extremely important that you check your material before you sign it. We cannot be responsible for any loss that happened after the Client’s signature and we recommend that you inspect the merchandize independently of the courier service’s opinion.

5.6.4. Exchanges Kusi Wawa offers the Client the opportunity to Exchange the product in a period of 15 calendar days. To inform us about the exchange, you must send an email to wawa@kusiwawa.com including the Order number and the product that you wish to exchange it for. Kusi Wawa reserves the right to Exchange the product only in case the product is returned in perfect conditions and has not been used by the Client. If the product has been used, it will be returned to the Client itself and he will be charged with all the additional shipping and managing costs. If the product is in perfect condition, we will package and send the new product to the address that you have indicated. When exchanging products, this Exchange will always be subject to the availability of the new product. In case there is no immediate availability we will communicate with the Client to explain the different solutions. The Client will be able to wait for the new product, cancel the exchange petition or the money can be returned. In any case, the final decision will be made by the Client. The full shipping costs (both the return and the new shipment) will be charged to the Client.


6.1 Kusi Wawa is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property, or has obtained authorization or licenses corresponding to its exploitation, for the domain name, brands, distinctive signs and any content published on the website.

6.2. This document is proof that it is strictly forbidden for anyone to reproduce, transform, distribute, communicate publicly, extract, reutilize or resend in any nature of any intellectual or industrial right or content from this website. The only exception will be the cases where it is legally permitted or has been authorized by the owner.

The Client will respect at all times the intellectual and industrial rights of the content of this website. The unauthorized use of the work or content of it will violate the intellectual and industrial property legislation, and other applicable laws.

6.3. The content of this web, including design, work, text, images and source code (referred as Content) are protected by the intellectual and industrial property laws.

6.4. It is forbidden to use, reproduce, copy or transmit in any way any Content without the written authorization of the owner.

6.5. The Kusi Wawa method is subject to Patent, Trademark and Copyright.


8.1. All hyperlinks in the Content of the Kusi Wawa website direct to third party websites. Kusi Wawa incorporated them to ease the navigation process, but in no case assumes the responsibility for their content, the information or the services that they may offer. The objective of those links is for additional information and in no case implies any relationship between the third party and Kusi Wawa.

8.2. Kusi Wawa implements with diligence all security measures; however we do not assume any responsibility in relation to the custody or the good use of the passwords to access the Website that will be full responsibility of the Client.

8.3. Even though we make great effort to make sure all information on this Website is correct, we cannot guarantee its integrity and accuracy; and we cannot commit to make sure the Website is still available or that the material has been updated.

8.4. External forces

Kusi Wawa reserves the right to delay the delivery date or cancel the purchase due to circumstances out of its control, including but not limited to: force majeure acts, war or national emergency, vandalism, civil commotion, fires, explosions, flooding, extreme snowfall, epidemics, strikes, lock outs or other labor conflicts, restrictions or delays that affect the company or delay in obtaining appropriate prime materials.


For any conflict resolution that can surge between both parties; according to the Spanish regulations, the Spanish legislation will be applied in the Spanish court.


Any purchase includes shipping in Spanish península. The shippings in that area will be done in 3-4 days (Monday to Friday not including holidays).

If you wish to receive a product in 2 days, you will pay an additional 3Euros (IVA not included). You will also need to consider that the shipping company does not receive or send packages on holidays or weekends.

These prices DO NOT apply to stores, distributors or professionals. To know our prices or shipping costs please contact us directly at wawa@kusiwawa.com


Shipping conditions


3-4 days


2 days

3 Euros


Shipping conditions


4-5 days

4,50 Euros

3 days




Shipping conditions


7-14 days

9 Euros

 All shipments to Latin America will be done through certified post office and will need 7 to 14 labor days to get to the destination. Kusi Wawa will not be responsible for the shipment of merchandise. Any problem generated on the shipment will be responsibility of the shipment agency and the client.


Shipping conditions


4-5 days

4,5 Euros



Shipping conditions


7-14 days

9 Euros

 All shipments to Andorra will be done through certified post office and will need 7 to 14 labor days to get to the destination. Kusi Wawa will not be responsible for the shipment of merchandise. Any problem generated on the shipment will be responsibility of the shipment agency and the client.



Shipping conditions


7-15 days

9 Euros

All shipments to Europe will be done through certified post office and will need 7 to 14 labor days to get to the destination. Kusi Wawa will not be responsible for the shipment of merchandise. Any problem generated on the shipment will be responsibility of the shipment agency and the client.


Shipping conditions


15 days

15 Euros

All shipments to Latin America will be done through certified post office and will need 7 to 14 labor days to get to the destination. Kusi Wawa will not be responsible for the shipment of merchandise. Any problem generated on the shipment will be responsibility of the shipment agency and the client.

Prices without IVA (tax needs to be included)

If you need to carry out special orders, outside of the characteristics mentioned above OR you are a distributor or a retail store, please contact us directly at wawa@kusiwawa.com.