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Child protective masks

Child protective masks

As you well know at Kusi Wawa we are always creating to try to make life easier for you, daddies. And we always do it keeping in mind that it has to be natural and respectful.

When the coronavirus crisis started, we were very clear that we had to help in some way. And, thanks to our experience with our children, we knew what we needed the most.

We had to create masks that were, above all, safe. For this reason, we follow the indications of the OCU and the Hospital of Palamós, with whom we work side by side at the peak of the pandemic to supply masks. Due to this experience, we were very clear about the basic elements that had to be taken into account to offer the security we need.

And following these basic requirements, we went to work to make a mask that my daughter wanted to wear. We change the fixing system. Instead of looking at the ears, which bothers, we fix the mask on the head. By bothering him less, he doesn't ask to take it off as much. Another aspect that we took into account was the design. It had to be fun, to attract her. So that he wanted to put it on. That he liked it very much. So we chose unicorn and superhero designs.

And finally, we realized that in order for them to carry it, we also had to carry it. So we made masks together. Why they are reflected in us. In fact my daughter is very excited when the two of us go together. So cheer up daddies! And take the mask together.

Now they are the last units of the current prints. So if your little one is crazy about unicorns or bears with superpowers, buy them now! Very eager to show you the new design. It will be super cool too!

Remember that the masks have the capacity to keep 10 washes. Then they would have to be renewed