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Carrying newborns to try to prevent baby colic

Carrying newborns to try to prevent baby colic

As we have mentioned earlier times and have even shown studies of US hospitals and universities, porting is a very positive tool to help prevent cramps. If you are interested in recovering this article, visit this blog post.

The main reasons why it is like this are the following:

- It favors the contact with the parents, which gives tranquility and security to the smallest ones
- The ergonomic position is very comfortable for the newborns
- The swing of the chest is relaxing and even reminds you of the feeling they felt when being in the belly of the newborn
- The movement can help eject gas
- And the combination of all the previous points, favors that the baby is more relaxed and even sleeps more.
But when they are newborns, you have to carefully choose the porting options that exist. The backpacks are for larger babies, which would be discarded for those first days. So we would have the most classic options:
- Spikes
- Elastic straps
- Preconfigured straps or carrying t-shirts
In the cases of elastic furs and folding, you have to be very careful in how we place the baby and that these are well-attached. It can be dangerous if it has too much movement. That is why we prefer ourselves to the preconfigured sleeves or the t-shirts.

These pieces are already prepared so you just have to place it and put the baby. You must choose your size (yes, it has a size for each carrier), and you know that it is ready to carry. You have the assurance that the baby is going to be well subject and well placed.

If you are interested in seeing the options that you have in regards to pre-fabricated sleeves and carrying t-shirts, visit our website the section FOR MOM AND DAD. There you will find all the options. But look! If you are thinking of combining the carrying leg with a Wawa Band to relieve the baby in those moments when you have gaskets, you will find PACKS DISCOUNT with product combinations at a 10% discount!