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Elasweet talks about colic and Kusi Wawa

Elasweet talks about colic and Kusi Wawa
It is gratifying to see how Bloggers like Elasweet, specialized in the process of pregnancy, postpartum, parenting ... in short, motherhood, believe in our method and share it with its large number of followers.


In the video attached below, Estela talks about the famous infant colic, a big problem for babies in their first months of life.

As is known, it has not been possible to understand the motive that causes this disorder, so Estela tells us about those tricks she recommends walking to be able to relieve the baby:

First of all, when giving him each shot, he recommends that the baby expel the gases, change the diaper and perform an anti-colic massage.

Secondly, he recommends the use of our Kusi Wawa method:

- Apply the Wawa Band to the height of the baby's belly, always checking that the thermal device indicates the appropriate temperature. The thermal pad found in the Wawa Band produces heat, acting as an analgesic and helping to expel pain-producing gases.

- Use the lullaby to simulate the sensation of the mother's womb, which helps to relax him completely by reminding him of the state he lived before he was born.


As the Blogger tells us, this set of steps facilitates the day to day for those babies who suffer colic and, at the same time, for their parents.


We hope you liked it and see you in the next post!

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