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Baby massage oil

Baby massage oil

The massage is, personally for me, one of the most beautiful moments of the first months of the baby's life. It is undoubtedly a fantastic tool to relieve certain ailments, such as infant colic. But, most importantly, it is a wonderful tool to promote contact and create an intimate moment between you and your baby.

The moment of the massage is that moment where it seems that only you two exist. The baby looks at you and you look at him. The distance is short and you are in constant contact.

Due to this love we have for massage, we do not hesitate to collaborate with the Spanish Association of Infant Massage. Thanks to this collaboration, we have created a series of joint routines that greatly improve the well-being of our children. We combine infant massage with special emphasis on the intestinal area to promote transit and expel gases, with the Kusi Wawa Method at the time of colic. To find more information about this collaboration you can read this article or you can also see our tutorials about the Kusi Wawa Method here.

In today's post, we are going to talk about massage oils that we can use with our little ones.

Following the instructions of AEMI (Spanish Association of Infant Massage), we have created a massage oil specially created for your baby. It is sweet Almond, 100% natural. Cold pressed and without chemicals. All these aspects are very important because your baby, just after birth, has very delicate skin. It is important that the products with which you do the massage protect this skin and not be abrasive.

The oils that we have are conserved in opaque glass pots, to favor their conservation. The cap has a dispenser that allows only the necessary amount to be used. Remember that to massage a baby we only need to use two drops of oil.
These oils, are 60ml that will last (massage daily) a minimum of 4 months. We do not make larger pots because it is advisable to renew the oils.

If you are interested in knowing more about our oils you can find them here