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The Kusi Wawa Method against baby gases

Watch our tutorial for the lactating colic treatment

Please see the tutorial video bellow of how to use the Kusi Wawa Method to calm your little angel, and regain the peace at home. 

Why does the Kusi Wawa Method work?

The Kusi Wawa method is effective treating baby colic due to the following facts:

  • Wawa Band: The Wawa Band  has been created to treat the physical factor of the baby colic. It applies heat to the abominal area.The thermic application provides a sedative effect on the area that is in pain. Theheat itself is know for activating circulation; so if we apply it in the gastric area, we are stimulating the correct functioning of the stomach and the intestines, providing a solution for lactating colic. 
  • Wawa Wrap: The Wawa Wrap has been created to offer the baby the emotional support he needs to relax. The fabrirc has been created to provide the baby with the right density and size to obtain the best swaddle in the market. Thanks to this product, we can incorporate Dr. Karp’s method successfully as a support to the treatment of lactating colics. Visit www.happiestbaby.com to learn more
  • Wawa Wear: Our baby pajama has been made with 100% organic cotton of the best quality. The clasp on the side of the garment provides an optimum positioning of the Wawa Band.
Wawa Wear, pajamas for the treatment of infant colics

1. Dress your baby with the Wawa Wear pajama.

Out pj has been designed to achieve optimal positioning of the Wawa Band

Wawa Wear and Wawa Band, solution for lactating colic

2. Click the buttons between the Wawa Wear and the Wawa Band.

For better use, put the Wawa Band on top of baby’s belly while you button the two pieces.

Natural remedy for lactating colic with Wawa Band

3. Surround the baby’s body with the Wawa Band and close it with the velcro.

* Place the band on top of baby’s belly, turn it around the back and return to the belly to close it. When you close the Wawa Band, make sure it is firmly attached to the body of the baby (without applying pressure). Thanks to the Velcro closure and built-in rubber in the back, the Wawa Band should be well adapted and subejcta the baby's body. The thermal pad should be placed on the belly of the baby with the opening in the upper pocket.

Tractament natural dels còlics lactants per calor

4. Take the thermic cussion out of the Wawa Band.

Solution for colic in babies

5. Put the thermic cussion in the microwave for 15 seconds. **

Based on an 800Watts microwave.

Treatment for babies' gases

6. Make sure the thermic cussion is not too hot with the ANTI BURN system to avoid burning the baby.

Never heat the cussion inside the Wawa Band. You will find the Anti Burn system instructions included with the Wawa Band purhcase

Heat for the treatment of lactating colic

7. Return the cussion back to the Wawa Band.

Treatment of infant colic according to the 5S Theory of Dr. Harvey Karp

8. Apply Dr Harvey Karp’s 5S theory.
Swaddle. Wrap the baby with the Wawa Wrap.

See the tutorial in the beggining of the page.

How to position your baby for the treatment of infant colic

9. Side or Stomach. Place the baby in stomach position.

Avoid the gases in your baby

10. Swing or Sush. Swing and make a white noise for your baby.

Relax your baby for the treatment of lactating colic

11. Suck. Suction can help your baby relax.

* Remember, nevere leave the baby without adult supervision. The Wawa Band is not a toy and should not be used by kids.
** Never heat the cussion inside the Wawa Band, as the band contains metal pieces that can break the microwave.
*** If your baby falls asleep with the Wawa Wrap, please make sure the room is at 18-22*C to avoid overheating.
****Get to know Dr Karp’s thories by going to his website