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Treat baby gas with heat

Treat baby gas with heat
The effect of thermotherapy is one of the most natural solutions to intestinal problems.

The heat has a very positive effect on both adults and newborns. In the case of newborns, thanks to their effectiveness we can avoid medicating our children. Knowing that the WHO recommends giving only breast milk (or artificial milk in case the first is not possible) until 6 months.

When we created the Wawa Band, we had these aspects in mind:

We wanted to apply heat SAFELY
We wanted a cushion that allowed us to warm up QUICKLY
We wanted a PRACTICAL design, that allows you to apply heat without discomfort
Considering these basic points, we created and patented our Wawa Band. Specially designed to meet these needs:

The design of the Wawa Band allows you to keep the thermal cushion on your baby's gut without you having to hold it with your hand.
Also, as an extra point, it is designed to grow with your baby until 4 months. With what is adapted as your newborn grows.
The cushion was created taking into account the weight limitations and the seed, flax, was chosen to favor a rapid and safe heating.
For greater safety, our thermal pads are the ONLY ones that have anti-burn security control. These warn when it is too hot and it is dangerous to put it on the skin of the baby.
We are aware that at the moment when the baby is crying because he is suffering from gas or colic, we, the parents, have a very bad time. It is for this reason that we had to find an easy, effective and above all safe way to relieve our children.

 And with all our knowledge and our care, we created the Wawa Band. We created the thermal cushions and made them safer for your babies.


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