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  • Feel good with Kusi Wawa, mom

What's Kusi Wawa?

Kusi Wawa is born from my most personal experience. When my first daughter was born, I had a very hard postpartum. She had very sharp colic, problems with breastfeeding ... I spent hours crying. I felt that I was losing control, that I could not handle it, and the deepest feeling of guilt arrived because I was not the mother I had imagined I would be. Obviously, because of these expectations that we make ourselves, that are not realistic. My self-esteem was gone. The tears and cries of our daughter settled in my heart and made me feel weak and very sad. Something that, again, I did not want to feel since this "should be the happiest moment of my life".

So, to feel better, we started the process to improve the things that were not working. We went to a lactation consultant and began to investigate what I could do to relieve my daughter's colic naturally. So when, after much trial and error and working with our pediatrician, we came up with The Kusi Wawa Method. I felt happy. My daughter could finally rest, I finally found a way for her to stop crying. In a magical way, my self-esteem returned. I felt safe again. I relativized all these feelings of guilt. I was myself again.

Kusi Wawa pretends to be that. This help, 100% natural to make you feel good. So that you face those small moments that worry all mothers with safety and calmness. Knowing that it is totally natural and not intrusive; and that takes care of you and your baby.

And you, do you want to join the Kusi Wawa motherhood?

Meritxell Vinyas - Founder of Kusi Wawa

My name is Meritxell and I am the creator of this wonderful project. I have two children that are the joy of our lives. They are my greatest teachers, teaching me what's really important in life. That nothing is enough reason to lose a smile and that splashed water in your face is almost as healing as long spa sessions.
Each child comes to the world to teach us different things, the first came as an earthquake to shake our lives and turn it upside down. The second one came to reaffirm all the peace we achieved with the first one.

Kusi Wawa is a Quechua term, from the ancient Inca people that means the joy of receiving a newborn in the family. And I firmly believe that with the right tools, your environment and a lot of awareness we can all enjoy it. So this was my main objective when I threw myself into the abyss with this project. Give that feeling of well-being and security to all mothers. I hope, from the heart, that I can contribute with that little push to make it that way.

Vanessa Marín, administración

I am Vanesa, mother since July 2016. On Monday, 4th, Hugo arrived at 38 weeks, without warning, with all the energy of the world, with his 2,690 kg of tenderness and innocence.

Yes, that day my baby was born but also a new mom was born, me. With my doubts, concerns, fears and questions. Everything turns upside down, your priorities, your interests, your rest and sleep, even your favorite conversations with friends also change, everything surrounds your baby.

In the first months Hugo had gas and my only wish was to help him to expel them and that he could rest calmly and with that also us. For this reason joining Kusi Wawa has been wonderful, as it permits us to help other moms in my situation.

As the months go by, everything stabilizes and time starts to run too fast, so I learned how to enjoy each stage of the baby and being a mother, the good times and the not so good ones, to remember that look in my memory. Nothing is too much to make us remember how much they need us and we to them from that positive test.

Even though my I know my baby will grow, he will always be my little kahuna.


Kusi Wawa does not only want to create a natural product that respects our baby’s natural harmony but also make great efforts to respect our environment. Our products have been created for the most important thing in our lives: family. And it wouldn’t be honest that for the well-being of ones, others had to suffer. For this reason, we take our responsibility really seriously when choosing suppliers and finding collaborators. All our products are under strict control through all the supply chain and we are really proud to say that all our suppliers and collaborators involved in making Kusi Wawa products have been selected for their respect to their employees, like adequate working conditions and fair pay. All our suppliers are European, and both the creation and the making of the product have been done in Spain.

We make our products in a small workshop close to Barcelona, where you can feel the positive energy and all workers from the team are looked after. When we say that we make our products with love, it’s not only a catch phrase, we feel like it and we hope we can transmit it.