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  • Be a Super Mom with Kusi Wawa

What's Kusi Wawa?

Kusi Wawa is born from our own personal experience. It's born from our pain to see our daughter suffer from colic. It is born from our fear of not treating those symptoms right. It is born from our insecurity as first-time parents. 

But from fear, sometimes strength comes and we started looking for the best ways to relieve our daughter. After having tried many products and remedies, we came up with what was able to relieve her: a combination of applying heat in the abdominal area and offering the baby the emotional support he needs to finally relax him. 

Kusi Wawa's Method is 100% Natural and respectufl with the baby.

 How did we choose the name? In honor of a journey that changed our lives. Kusi Wawa is a Quechua term, from the ancient Inka people, that means the joy of receiving a newborn in the family. And we could not have found a better name. Just like the term, this is what we try to achieve. We want to help the families  enjoy the newcoming with happines and  without crying, screaming or nerves.

Meritxell Vinyas - Founder of Kusi Wawa

My name is Meritxell Vinyas and I became a mom in November 2014. As any new mom, my world did a 180 degree turn. My priorities changed, so did my interests, values and worries… in conclusion, my life changed. And with the beautiful arrival of our daughter, a million new emotions also came.

With her, I entered a world of new products, new needs... a new reality. You value things that you didn’t even consider before. And with our daughter’s arrival, the reality kicked in. She had baby colic. And I had the necessity to help her bear that load in the most natural way possible. Avoiding medication or any aggressive intrusion. After an extended investigation on the solutions that the American market offered, and several trials with different traditional methods, we arrived to the Kusi Wawa method. A combination of Dr Karp’s learnings and the application of heat in the abdominal area. 

Since that day, the peace came back to our family. My self-esteem came back, my security… I went from being an insecure mom to feeling like a Supermom. This is the feeling that we want to give to all new moms and dads. The security that they can deal with anything. If its colic, you can deal with it. Is it gases? You can also deal with it. Is it difficulty relaxing? It’s all yours!

We embarked on this project to share this knowledge with all moms and dads on this side of the ocean. We hope we can bring as much peace to your families as it brought to ours.


Kusi Wawa does not only want to create a natural product that respects our baby’s natural harmony but also make great efforts to respect our environment. Our products have been created for the most important thing in our lives: family. And it wouldn’t be honest that for the well-being of ones, others had to suffer. For this reason, we take our responsibility really seriously when choosing suppliers and finding collaborators. All our products are under strict control through all the supply chain and we are really proud to say that all our suppliers and collaborators involved in making Kusi Wawa products have been selected for their respect to their employees, like adequate working conditions and fair pay. All our suppliers are European, and both the creation and the making of the product have been done in Spain.

We make our products in a small workshop close to Barcelona, where you can feel the positive energy and all workers from the team are looked after. When we say that we make our products with love, it’s not only a catch phrase, we feel like it and we hope we can transmit it.