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The anti colic cussion of the Wawa Band

The anti colic cussion of the Wawa Band

The seed cushion is one of the most special things in the Wawa Band. They are the key element that produces heat for thermotherapy and the smell of aromatherapy.

The Kusi Wawa cushion is designed especially for newborn babies. With which we take into account all aspects:

- Weight. The cushion has the specific weight to avoid damage or discomfort to a newborn.
- Size The size is designed to apply heat on top of the baby's tripita. With what is just the size you need. No more no less.
- The seed. The seed is special for newborns. Its size helps to facilitate two very important aspects:
o The heating process is faster. With what we get to heat the cushion with only 15 seconds in the microwave.
o Weight is lower
- The aromatherapy. The aromatic herbs have been chosen in a rigorous quality process to ensure their relaxing benefits. Anyway, if you do not like having the product with aroma you can also make a special order without aroma.
- Anti-burns device. We are the only product used to alivar colics that has the device Anti Burns, whose function is to warn optically when the cushion is too hot to place on the baby's tripita. Each Wawa band comes with a cushion with your device, and some instructions for use so you know how to use it.
As you can see the cushion is a modernization and adaptation of the classic bag of seeds. As such, we must bear in mind that it is a natural mixture with which we must take certain precautions. Here we describe the things to keep in mind:
- Especially avoid wetting the cushion as the seeds would spoil.
- Avoid putting the cushion on dirty surfaces, as oils and other components could also affect the contents
- The Wawa Band can be cleaned in the washing machine, but the cushion can not be cleaned.
- Store it in a cool and dry place.
The cushion, because it contains a natural mixture has an expiration date. Normally the content of the cushion can vary, especially the aroma. In 40 uses the cushion evolves and would no longer be in the same conditions as the first day. But this does not mean you have to change it, because if it is well maintained it can last for four months if you need it to use it.
IMPORTANT. Avoid reusing cushions that are not new because you have no knowledge of how it has been preserved and do not know its status. Security is very important for us and we do not recommend reusing them.

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