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Kusi Wawa and anti-colic massages

Kusi Wawa and anti-colic massages

As you know, in Kusi Wawa we believe that to relieve colic it is important to establish routines to help relax the baby. A very important part of this routine is the daily massage. That is why we collaborate with the Spanish Association of Infant Massage.
If your baby has colic or gas, it will be important to perform a daily massage. We recommend that you contact a certified AEMI professional to do a course with them. Where they will teach you how to massage all the baby's body parts.

When will we perform the massage?
The massage will be done when the baby is relaxed. At a time of day when you are not uncomfortable or restless due to intestinal pain. The massage is done as a PREVENTION.

What will we use to do the massage?
We will need a Natural oil that does not cause any type of allergy to the skin of the baby and that is moisturizing. In Kusi Wawa, we have a natural sweet almond oil, since it is the most recommended oil for these massage sessions. Created especially for the skin of your newborn. You will find it here.

We will need a soft surface to place the baby and a comfortable positioning for you and for him.
There are many possibilities. You can sit on the floor on a mat with Indian legs and the baby on top. You can place it on a soft surface, such as a changer. You can place it on the floor and your knees or on a table, and you stand on your feet very close to perform the massage. The possibilities are endless and are complete to your liking and your baby's pleasure.

A lullaby to give comfort and not be cold. How the massage is done with the naked baby. It is interesting that you have a lullaby to be able to cover those areas in which we are not working. We use our Wawa wrap because the cotton has been specifically made to give comfort to our babies. You will find it here.

With what can massage help us?
Massages can help in many aspects, relieve teething, scrubbing, colic, gas ... but apart from these benefits; The most important thing is that it FAVORES THE LINK between dads and babies.

How will we perform the massage?
Ideally the massage should be full-body. However, there is a series of movements / massages in the gut that help to expel gases and regulate intestinal transit.

1. The most important thing is that we will never start the massage without asking the baby for permission to do so. We will put your hands on it, heat the oil in our hands ... and we will give you some time to understand that we are going to proceed to massage it.

2. Once we start, the most important thing is to always maintain contact. Never stop touching the baby.

3. Some tips of movements that we can do?

3.1. It is important that the movement always goes clockwise and never vice versa

3.2. We will always move our hands up and down and never upside down

3.3. The massage I LOVE YOU, where we massage in the form of I, inverted L and inverted U is one of the most effective to expel gases

3.4.We can combine the movements with lifting your little legs to help you expel retained gases.

But the most important thing is to remember that the massage will be done at a TIME WHEN THE BABY IS RELAXED. At a time of day that is well. We will NEVER do it when the baby cries, because we can cause a lot of damage. The moment the baby breaks down in tears, it is important to try to RELIEVE THE PAIN and this we can do through the THERMOTHERAPY of the Wawa Band. And then, we will offer the EMOTIONAL SUPPORT the baby needs. It is for this reason that the Spanish Association of Infant Massage works and recommends our method. Because they are a wonderful way to complete the treatment and relieve your baby. Always based on contact and natural remedies. Find more information about the Kusi Wawa Method here.

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