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Anti colic baby bottles and Kusi Wawa

Anti colic baby bottles and Kusi Wawa

Maternity is a very personal path. When a baby is born, a new mother is born. Why every baby is different. Even if the mother is not fresh. Each baby, like every person, is different. And you will have peculiarities that make it unique. Every situation is different. And many times, the same family can make decisions or others depending on the situation in which they are.

Among them, breastfeeding can be one of the toughest issues of maternity. Sometimes initiating breastfeeding can be very hard. Either because the baby loses weight, does not fit well and hurts on the grip, why sleeps and does not just eat ... there may be many reasons that make us choose to one direction or another. Even sometimes, there are personal situations that do not allow you to breastfeed. With that, if one thing we know, it is that EVERYONE should be judged by what one sees. The path is so personal and unique that one can never understand what happened or past this mother at that time.

For all those moms who need to use the bottle, Kusi Wawa has reached an agreement with the best bottles to help prevent colic.
We previously did a post where we talked about the best anti-alcohol bottles, and we described each one with their benefits and their disadvantages. In Kusi Wawa we have reached an agreement with Phillips to offer our parents the Phillips AVENT bottles. Why have we chosen these?

1. They are very effective in reducing air intakes
2. The shape of the teat is very natural and promotes the stimulus as if it were the breast of the mother
3. They are very easy to wash and sterilize.
4. They are the ones we use and we loved it!

If you go to our online store, now you can see the models we have chosen to offer you in the section FOR THE BABY. And, if you access our DISCOUNT PACK you will find packs with a 10% discount with combinations of bottles, pacifiers Philips and our Wawa Band to alleviate the baby's colic.