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Amarsupiel and the Kusi Wawa Method to relieve infant colic

Amarsupiel and the Kusi Wawa Method to relieve infant colic

Infant colic is one of those disorders that most worries new dads. When the baby barely has weeks to live, he starts crying unexpectedly and it is very difficult to calm down.

We will recognize colic because they are babies that are healthy, they gain weight and everything is fine. However, at a certain time (usually when night falls) they suddenly break into a desperate cry and are very difficult to calm down. The babies turn red, more than a cry it seems like a scream of pain, they twist and move a lot.

There are many theories about what causes colic, however, what we have seen that best anticipates and helps calm the baby is contact. The colic is, by way of summary (and simplifying it a lot), a mixture of pain in the gut with emotional discomfort. Babies who suffer from it not only need to relieve physical pain, but they need our contact to help them calm down.

It is for this reason that the Kusi Wawa Method addresses these two basic aspects:

- Relieves intestinal pain by thermotherapy of the Wawa Band

- Provide the contact and emotional support necessary to calm your baby at the time of crying.

The Kusi Wawa Method is an active method that is performed at the time the baby is crying. And it really is one of the only options that we should perform when the baby is in full colic crisis. At that time, we will not massage your belly, we will not make you do the bicycle ... contrary to what can lead you to make common sense; At that time we will accompany you to relax with the Method. If you are interested in learning more about the Kusi Wawa method, click here.

However, all these actions that we can perform preventively are very positive to incorporate throughout the daily routine. One of the most recommended we, is the portage. A few months ago we talked about some studies that showed that ported babies cried 40% less. (see study here).

And it is shown that contact and balance greatly favor the tranquility of the newborn and promote sleep habits during the day. In this way, the baby arrives more relaxed at the end of the day, which favors episodes of milder colic.

It is for this reason that on our website you will find the Amarsupiel t-shirts. See models here
It is a porteo and lactation t-shirts that allow you to carry your little or small in an ergonomic and simple way. No knots or turns, and without the insecurity that is not well placed.

This model is also the only one that allows direct contact skin to skin allowing the child a kind of "return to the uterus." Finding oneself "inside" the mother again gives them tranquility, security and maximum comfort, and that is, as per perinatal neuroscientist Nils Bergman assures, the mother's body is her natural habitat, the best "machine" never invented that brings him warmth, nutrition and well-being. And this t-shirt has all the characteristics to take care of the baby in an integral way, allowing the mother to free her hands and make her participate in the day-to-day activities of the mother.

By combining the portage with the Kusi Wawa Method at night, your baby will be more relaxed, safer, quieter ... and we are sure that it will result in a lower degree of colic episode.