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Relieve your baby's colic with the combination of hydrotherapy, massage and the Kusi Wawa Method.

Relieve your baby's colic with the combination of hydrotherapy, massage and the Kusi Wawa Method.

Recently, we have discovered and are collaborating with the Cua Cua Baby Spa center in A Coruña to treat colic in the smallest people living in the area. As you know, there are two types of actions to take when a baby suffers from colic: prevention methods and action methods.

Hydrotherapy is a wonderful prevention method, and it has become one of the new therapies that are best received by parents. As we all know, when a baby is gestating it lives in an aqueous medium (the amniotic fluid). This is why hydrotherapy treatments are so beneficial for the baby. The temperature gives them well-being and they feel very comfortable in this environment, which gives them an unparalleled relaxation.

After the Spa session, the children proceed to perform a massage with a professional.

Science shows that massage has physiological and psychological advantages, promoting the stimulation of functional systems and facilitating learning abilities. All this we already know and precisely for this reason we collaborate with AEMI, the Spanish Association of Infant Massage.
Once the baby has left the water, he receives a massage by specialized personnel.

By combining the session of hydrotherapy with massage, they are much more relaxed and promotes the elimination of gas and intestinal transit. By combining these sessions with the Kusi Wawa Method, we manage to calm the pain and help our babies to sleep the moment they break the crying.

Among the immediate benefits of hydrotherapy are:
• Favors sleep
• Increase appetite
• Improves digestion
• Relieves gas, colic and constipation.
• Increase and strengthen the bond with parents.

While in the long term, the benefits that are observed are:
• Helps muscle and bone development thanks to the resistance exerted by water.
• It improves the digestive and circulatory system of the baby, favoring its relaxation and breathing.
• The gentle pressure exerted by the water in the chest helps increase lung capacity and strengthens the intercostal muscles and respiratory system.
• Regularly attending hydrotherapy sessions helps the baby's cardiovascular system.
• When exercising, the baby secretes endorphins, which causes a relaxing effect that stimulates sleep.
• Innate reflexes are stimulated, favoring the coordination of movements, agility and control of your body.
• Increase self-confidence.
• Early development of the cerebral hemispheres and promotes the development of intellectual abilities.
• Improves creativity.

Baby massage has physiological and psychological advantages:
• Helps the digestive system, avoiding gas, colic and constipation.
• Develops the respiratory system.
• Tones the baby's muscles.
• Strengthens your immune system.
• Enhances the development of the nervous system.
• Helps to release tensions, both physical and emotional.
• It promotes relaxation, improves sleep so that it is of higher quality.
• Encourages communication and strengthens emotional ties.

By combining these two therapies with the Kusi Wawa Method, the little ones will find themselves much more relaxed, more receptive and it will be much easier to calm them down.

If you live in A Coruña and want to visit Cua Cua Baby Spa, you will find the info of the store in the stores section of our website.

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